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The growth of the Information Technology industry in the past decade has sparked the increasing need for professional, compotent employees capable of managing today's hardware and software applications in real-world environments, coupled by the competitive and fast-paced corporate setting. In other words, employers are seeking workers with the experience and knowledge necessary to complete demanding tasks under given work constraints while maximizing efficiency and output.

Millennium Solution Focus, Inc. (MSF) understands this need for compotent and skilled employees, and offers a variety of training courses and curriculums focusing on Information Technology to help you build your current or future career in the industry. MSF students are composed of a diverse background of professions and skill sets all with one clear goal upon graduation: To obtain industry-standard certification(s) with real-world knowledge and experience as reinforcement. Whether students are unemployed or employed, looking to expand their current skill sets, changing career paths, or simply have the desire to learn something new, challenging and exciting, MSF can design and customize the right course curriculum for any type of student. Our training school offers courses dealing with Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Oracle, CompTIA and more.

Certified and professional instructors provide students with extensive hands-on assignments and lab projects, designed specifically to promote and enhance today's latest skills and technologies required in the working environment.

Course curriculums are designed and geared towards preparing students for passing industry-standard, vendor-endorsed certification exams. These exams test a student's knowledge and mastery of a particular field in Information Technology. Obtaining certifications in some of today's most popular and useful technologies helps students to become recognized by employers amongst the vast pool of job applicants in today's competitive labor market.

MSF top quality courses have been designed and packaged with the student in mind. Whether students are beginners or advanced computer users, programmers or designers, administrators or project leaders, MSF has the right IT course selection available. Courses are reevaluated periodically to accommodate the dynamic changes that occur in the IT industry as it progresses over time. MSF software and equipment utilize standard equipment found in the workplace, and are consistently updated and maintained by friendly and courteous MSF personnel and consultants. The school is also an authorized Thomson Prometric testing center, capable of administering certification exams with vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, CIW, Cisco, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and more.

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