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  Q. How do I know which courses to take?
  A. There are many factors to consider when deciding what type of course curriculum a student should take. Previous experience in the topic of interest. A strong desire to learn and stay on top of the subjects covered in the curriculum. Curriculums that are best suitable for your future career goals. Curriculums that will prepare you for industry-standard certification exams. In any case, MSF representatives will help you decide the best course of action to take based upon such factors and more.
  Q. How do I learn more about MSF curriculums and what they can offer me?
  A. Visit our contact information page for details on how to speak with a MSF representative and learn more about our new and professional courses. Our representatives will help select or design the appropriate course curriculum for students on an individual basis.
  Q. I am unemployed and probably cannot afford to take training courses. Is there anything that I can do?
  A. You may be eligible for tuition assistance from a government program called the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. Each state has Workforce centers that offer dislocated workers tuition assistance for the purpose of finding employment upon the completion of their training in a desired field. MSF representatives will help you in contacting a local Workforce center for more information on eligibility.
  Q. When do your courses start?
  A. Visit our schedule listing page for details on when select courses begin. If you do not see the course of interest listed, then please contact a MSF representative and they will gladly help you determine when the next available start date will be. Please also note that courses listed on the schedule listing page may not accurately reflect actual start times. To this end, please also contact a MSF representative before attending the start of any course for confirmation.
  Q. How much do your courses and packages cost?
  A. Unfortunately, it is against company policy to disclose course and package prices over the Internet. However, the price of individual courses and packages are determined based upon the student's circumstance (i.e. if the student is unemployed, a college student, corporate training, etc.). Contact a MSF representative and they will happily discuss training costs with you over the phone.
  Q. How is training at Millennium Solution Focus, Inc. going to benefit me?
  A. Our training programs are designed with one key objective in mind: To give students the knowledge and experience they need to become certified and find/enhance employment opportunities. Our training centers are open seven days per week for student labs and study hours and our instructors are always willing to go that extra mile to make sure students fully understand the material taught. Consider a training program at MSF an investment into the financial security of your future by learning the right knowledge and tools for the right career choice.
  Q. How many courses are included in a package?
  A. This varies from package to package depending on the topics that need to be covered. MSF has designed packages that conform to industry standard technological advances, and can also design custom packages for students that want to learn something slightly different. Please contact a MSF representative to learn more about our course packages and how you can customize one as well.
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