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Course 607: Cisco Certified Network Professional

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Course Description:

The CCNP course is designed for more advanced Cisco networks, CCNAs who want to progress to improve their net worth, recognition, and career opportunities, Level 1 Network Support individuals in a large enterprise; Central Operations staff who want to further develop their technical expertise. This advanced course teaches you the commands necessary for prioritizing and segmenting your network traffic. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to configure Cisco routers for operation in large or growing multi-protocol internetworks. The course includes laboratory exercises that focus primarily on scalable technologies and the Cisco software features that are most useful in building large or growing internetworks

Course Objectives:

-  Installing, configuring a network to increase bandwidth

- Maximizing performance through campus LANs, routed    

  WANs and remote access


Prerequisites for the Course:

Students must have successfully taken and passed the CCNA exam.




Certifications Available
  • 642-801: CCNP: Building Scalable Cisco
  • 642-811: CCNP: Building Cisco Multilaye
  • 642-821: CCNP: Building Cisco Remote Ac
  • 642-831: CCNP: Internet Troubleshooting

Books and Materials
  • CCNP Certification Library

* Please note that books and materials listed may not reflect actual course materials, depending on the instructor assigned to the course.


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