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Course 604: Cisco Certified Network Associate

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Course Description:

The Cisco CCNA certification training course was developed by Cisco Systems. Employers worldwide are looking for highly trained networking experts who can keep up with the latest technologies in order to maximize performance. The industry shortage for personnel with advanced Cisco and internetworking knowledge increases daily, as a result, Cisco Systems has introduced Cisco Career Certifications. Cisco experts are the elite of the internetworking industry, considered pivotal in meeting the increasingly demanding nature of internetworking in terms of deploying network functionality, reliability and scalability.


Course Objectives:

- Components and configuration of Cisco router

-  Upgrade Cisco Routers, downloading/uploading from    

   TFTP server

-  IP addressing, IP address classes, and allocation


Prerequisites for the Course: 

Students must have successfully taken and passed A+ and Network+ certification exams.





Certifications Available
  • 640-801: Cisco Certified Network Associ

Books and Materials
  • CCNA Certification Library
  • CCNA: Cisco Certified Network<
* Please note that books and materials listed may not reflect actual course materials, depending on the instructor assigned to the course.


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