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Training with Millennium Solution Focus, Inc. offers a variety of distinct benefits that will put you ahead of the game. Our courses and services have been designed with the student in mind with the top priority of providing quality curriculums that students will retain for their future career endeavors.

Technical Training By IT Professionals
Instructors are certified with years of real-world experience from their respective backgrounds, offering students the best training experience available.

Dedicated and Well-Knowledged Staff
MSF representatives are well educated, offering courteous and reliable services with the common goal of providing quality and efficient training services and solutions to students.

Maximize Your Training Efficiency Versus Cost
Investment in MSF training curriculums is an investment in the commitment that MSF upholds in helping students improve their IT capabilities within their respective fields and future endeavors.

Government Funding and Assistance
Dislocated workers may be eligible to receive partial to full financial assistance from the local State government of either residence or previous employment location.

Flexible Scheduling
In addition to the standard course times of course curriculums, students can benefit from flexible weekday, weeknight and weekend schedules for courses.

Course Audit Policies
All enrolled MSF students can benefit from retaking any course at the training center up to one year of the original course start date, to refresh existing and updated knowledge sets.

Updated Training Centers
Our training centers provide updated training equipment used in real-world working environments, making the transition from training to working smooth and reliable. MSF is also an authorized Thomson Prometric Testing Center.

Individual Training Considerations
While students partake in group training with instructors, individual training needs can be met on a one-on-one basis with each student.

Multiple Locations
MSF offers training services and solutions around the Tri-State area in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania for the convenience of its students.

On-site Corporate Training
Certified instructors can arrive on-site at any corporate setting to provide quality training services and solutions to clients and customers.

Student-To-Instructor Ratio
Classroom attendance is limited to ensure that students receive the maximum learning benefits from the instructor.

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