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2 Broad Street, Suite M6 (5th Floor)
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
Tel: (973) 429-8838
Fax: (973) 429-8871

Desktop Support and Maintenance

Millennium Solution Focus understands the need for reliable, high performance computer hardware and software that a business uses to operate its technical and online services. This is why our MSF computer technicians specialize in repairing, upgrading, installing and troubleshooting the various problems that can occur while using a computer.

MSF provides the following computer maintenance services:

  • Hardware upgrades (memory, processor, hard drive space, etc.)
  • Network installation (NICs, hub switches, etc. However, companies must find their own Internet Service Provider, as MSF is not one)
  • Software installation
  • Repairs (replacement parts, tune-ups, upgrades)
  • Hardware/Software troubleshooting
  • Tech Support