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  2 Broad Street
  Suite M6 - 5th Floor
  Bloomfield, New Jersey

  Tel: (973) 429-8838
  Fax: (973) 429-8871









Millennium Solution Focus, Inc. (MSF) is a computer consulting and training firm based in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Our firm takes pride in providing quality consulting solutions for small to large corporate and private businesses, along with providing excellent training services to students from all walks of life.

Our consulting division focuses primarily on Web application planning, design, development, implementation and configuration with the incorporation of database management, administration and warehousing. The consulting department also handles vast networks powered by Microsoft and Cisco networking servers and equipment, dealing with its design, implementation, configuration and troubleshooting tactics.

MSF Training Services offers an extensive list of courses and curriculums available for students to select from based upon their experience and requirements of Information Technology. Our curriculums are designed with the student in mind and are geared towards preparing students for industry-standard certification in today's most advanced and popular technologies. Students are our primary concern, which is why MSF training policy allows students to retake the same courses and refresh their knowledge with a year's time period.