Microsoft Word 2010 - Hands-On

  • You Will Learn How To
  • Hands-On Experience Includes
  • Course Content
  • Leverage the extensive features in Word
  • Build professional documents in Word with enhanced functionality
  • Print text-enriched documents in Word
  • Apply proofreading to documents
  • Perform Mail Merge operations

  • Setting up and customizing Microsoft Word for your environment
  • Designing documents with styles, themes and sections
  • Implementing the table of contents, headers and footers in Word
  • Adding and position graphics, create and modify charts
  • Proofread Word documents
  • Perform Mail Merge operations
Sharing & Maintainin Documents
Formatting Content
Applying Page Layout & Reusable Content
Including Illustrations & Graphics in a Document
Proofreading Documents
Applying References & Hyperlinks
Performing Mail Merge Operations

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