PHP/MySQL - Hands-On

  • You Will Learn How To
  • Hands-On Experience Includes
  • Course Content
  • Working with the basic PHP syntax
  • Working with PHP data types, operators
    and dynamic variables
  • Defining functions
  • Working with Arrays
  • Working with Forms
  • Connecting, modifying and creating MySQL databases

  • Installing & Configuring to run PHP code
  • Constructing PHP flow charts
  • Creating & running PHP files
  • Working with PHP & forms
  • Creating, modifying & Adding MySQL Databases
Introduction to PHP
  • The Origin of PHP
  • How PHP works with the Web Server
Basic PHP Development
  • How PHP scripts work
  • Basic PHP syntax
  • PHP data types
Control Structures
  • The if, while, do while & for statements
  • What is a function
  • Defining a function
Working With Forms
  • Forms
  • A script to acquire user input
  • Combine HTML and PHP code
  • File upload and scripts
Introduction To Database
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Connecting to the MYSQL
  • Selecting a database
  • Entering and updating data
  • Executing multiple queries

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