Oracle SQL - Hands-On

  • You Will Learn How To
  • Hands-On Experience Includes
  • Course Content
  • Develop SQL programs to access Oracle databases
  • Create stored procedures & functions
  • Design modular applications
  • Manage data retrieval


  • Performing data manipulation
  • Creating triggers to handle data integrity
  • Utilizing cursor variables for dynamic SQL


Introduction to SQL
  • PL/SQL fundamentals
  • Oracle 10g and 11g PL/SQL features
Data Manipulation Techniques
  • Maintaining data with DML statements
  • Managing data retrieval with cursors
Developing Well-Structured and Error-Free Code
  • Error handling using EXCEPTIONs
  • Debugging PL/SQL blocks
Achieving Maximum Reusability
  • Writing stored procedures and functions
  • Coding user-written functions
  • Developing safe triggers

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