Microsoft Expert Excel 2010 - Hands-On

  • You Will Learn How To
  • Hands-On Experience Includes
  • Course Content
  • Summarize data with Excel by using formulas, formatting, and charts and graphs
  • Design complex formulas using Excel functions
  • Optimize your worksheets using templates, graphs and formulas
  • Import and share Excel data
  • Creating, managing and launching macros

  • Navigating the Excel interface for efficiency and speed
  • Formatting and manipulating existing data for greater visual impact
  • Designing formulas to summarize and refine raw data
  • Troubleshooting and tracing formula errors
  • Setting up workbook protections
  • Recording macros to streamline tasks
Introduction to Microsoft Excel
The spreadsheet model
Navigating the interface
Basic data editing
Acquiring and Conforming Data
Worksheet Formatting and Presentation
Leveraging Formulas and Functions
Creating a Visual Presentation of Data
Introducing Advanced Excel Features

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